Saturday, August 13, 2011

Supporting and recognizing our Armed Forces and their families

Since 9/11, our men and women in uniform have been on the front lines of the war, fighting our enemies abroad and keeping us safe at home. Their families have also been made incredible sacrifices-missed birthdays, lost income, and the endless worry for their loved one's safety.

The Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Owatonna group was created to help support the families trying to cope, the soldiers when they come home and need to transition to civilian life, and also to recognize our warriors for the security that they provide for us. The Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Owatonna group is a 501c3 charitable organization registered with the IRS, which means that donations by individuals and businesses are tax deductable. Donations are handled through the Owatonna Chamber Foundation.

To recognize the sacrifices being made by our military and their families at home, and to provide a support network for families while their loved ones are deployed.

Printable Flyer (6/14/2015)
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