Who is part of the group, Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Owatonna?

Our core group that meets every month is made up of military veterans, members of the VFW and American Legion, military families, members of law enforcement, local churches, and people who just want to help support our military and their families.

We meet every month on the 2nd Tuesday, 6pm at the Owatonna VFW Hall. Anyone is welcome to attend.

What is a Yellow Ribbon City:
It is a city that has developed a sustainable action plan for supporting military families throughout the deployment cycle and beyond.

Why Become a Yellow Ribbon City:
As Servicemembers deploy from Minnesota’s Reserve components their family members are left without support from their immediate community. Many feel that no one knows what they are going through, and they may be scared to ask for support.

How to become a Yellow Ribbon City:
It begins with a passionate military family supporter.

He or she is charged with reaching out to leaders within the community and getting them to attend an Kick-off Training Event put on by the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Team. At the event the community is able to synchronize efforts already in place. Representatives from the following community groups should be at the Initial Training event:

Elected Officials
Business Owners
Faith Based Organization Leaders
Educators & Youth Organization leaders
Medical Service Providers
Public Safety and Law Enforcement
Social Service Providers
Veterans Organizations

A core network of leaders/volunteers will be established. They will meet monthly and work on developing an action plan for their city. The action plan is submitted to Beyond the Yellow Ribbon for review, if approved it is forwarded to the Governor for proclamation.